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2023-11-30 Adrian "Nano" Alvarez

The 5 Best Cuban Boxers Today

The best Cuban boxers of today in the professional boxing scene

This century has brought several moments of glory for Cuba in professional boxing. The unprecedented influx of Antillean pugilists has been accompanied by top-notch results.

Currently, the landscape is somewhat contradictory as the number of Cuban world champions is lower than in previous years, although some illustrious veterans continue to make waves in the ring. On the other hand, the number of young and highly skilled boxers is encouraging, suggesting that future times will be filled with glory in professional boxing.

1. David Morrell Jr

David Morrell Jr

When it comes to future stars, the Villa Clara native is the first name that comes up. Only seven fights have been enough for him to prove his worth, as he has emerged victorious convincingly on every occasion and has already secured a belt—the Regular Super Middleweight (168 lbs) Champion by the World Boxing Association (WBA).

I am the best at 168 pounds. None of these people can beat me.

2. Erislandy “The Gold of Guantanamo” Lara

Erislandy Lara

The Guantanamo native is the only Cuban boxer currently holding a major world title: the Super Welterweight (154 lbs) Champion by the WBA. His professional boxing record highlights his achievement of becoming a world champion in two divisions, something few Cubans have accomplished in the past.

Despite all his accomplishments, “The American Dream” seems not to have received all the recognition he deserves, but only time will tell.

People make excuses not to fight me, and it has a lot to do with my Cuban style.

3. Yordenis “54 Miracles” Ugás

Yordenis Ugás

Despite losing his WBA welterweight title to Errol Spence Jr. a few months ago, it is impossible to exclude the Santiago native from a current Top-5 among Cuban boxers. While his track record may not be as extensive as that of other Antilleans, his victory over Manny Pacquiao a year ago is perhaps the most significant and widely publicized triumph by a Cuban boxer in professional boxing.

I am doing what no one else is doing, fighting against the best.

4. Robeisy “The Train” Ramírez

Robeisy Ramírez

Debuting in professional boxing with a loss is always counterproductive, but the Cienfuegos native has overcome it, stringing together a streak of ten victories. His recent triumph over Puerto Rican Abraham Nova suggests that a shot at a world title is getting closer for him.

His amateur background and professional evolution suggest that we have not seen the best of Robeisy Ramírez yet. The featherweight division (126 lbs) is one of the most competitive today, but everyone agrees that “The Train” is ready to face any of the big names in the category with great chances of success.

I am the most handsome at 126 pounds, I am not afraid of anyone.

5. Luis “King Kong” Ortiz

Luis Ortiz

Despite being 43 years old, the Camagüey super heavyweight (+200 lbs) refuses to give up on his dream of being the first Cuban world champion in the heavyweight category. The two opportunities he had to fight for a world title in the past ended in defeats to Deontay Wilder by knockout, but on both occasions, “King Kong” demonstrated enough boxing skill to aspire to victory.

They don’t say that King Kong gets tired; from the 6th round onwards is when I can rip your head off.

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