Boxing Fitness Sc Nano Box Prime - Week 1 - Day 4/6
2024-01-14 Adrian "Nano" Alvarez

Nano Box Prime - Week 1 - Day 4/6

A sneak peek at my new strength and conditioning program for boxers! tailored for beginners or anyone who wants to add a little boxing to their workout

General Knowledge

Welcome back to an exclusive sneak peek into my upcoming strength and conditioning program, meticulously crafted for boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike! in this part 2 of the first week of the program we will continue with the same aproach but with a little twist.

Weekly Workout Schema

  • 6 Days Training (3 High Int - 2 Moderate Int - 1 Low Int)
  • 2-3 Sessions of Strength & Conditioning Training (Condensed Conjugated Method)
  • 2-3 Sessions of Boxing Training (You can use your current boxing workout if you like)
  • 1 Session of Cardio/Active Recovery


  • AMRAP: Stands for “As Many Rounds (or Repetitions) As Possible.” In fitness routines, particularly during circuit or time-based workouts, AMRAP indicates that the individual should perform as many rounds or repetitions of a given set of exercises within a specified time frame. It encourages participants to push their limits and maximize their effort during the allotted time.

  • AHAP: Stands for “As Heavy As Possible.” This term is commonly used in strength training to emphasize lifting the heaviest weight that an individual can manage with proper form. AHAP encourages individuals to challenge themselves and progressively increase the load to promote strength gains over time.

  • AFAP: Stands for “As Fast As Possible.” In workout contexts, AFAP instructs individuals to complete a set of exercises or a particular movement pattern as quickly as they can while maintaining proper form. It’s often used as a directive in high-intensity training to enhance cardiovascular endurance and overall speed.

Day 4 - Strength & Conditioning Training

Upper Body Dynamic Effort & Lower Body Max Effort

High Intensity (RPE 8)
  • Fighters Dynamic Warm-up

  • Every 20s for 3 min (9 Rounds): 3x Plyo Push-ups

    • Perform with 100% effort, emphasizing a fast concentric and eccentric phase.
  • 15x Ball Slam 8kg-10kg

    • Stretch the body upward and slam the floor with as much force as possible.
  • 30x Rotational Ball Slam 8kg-10kg

    • Similar to the previous exercise, add a hip turn for Sport specificity.
  • One-Arm Snatch 15-20kg 5 min AMRAP

    • This fast-paced exercise enhances muscular endurance. Use 70%-80% of your maximum capacity.
  • Box Squats 5x3 AHAP

    • For the Max Effort Main Lift, take your time, and build up to a 3-repetition maximum (3RM).
  • 2xAMRAP Back Squats at 50% (of the maximum from today’s Box Squats)

    • To increase strength, volume needs to be enhanced as well.
  • 3 Rounds:

    • 15x Dumbbell RDL Right Leg
    • 30s Rest
    • 15x Dumbbell RDL Left Leg
  • 100x Reverse Lunges AFAP

    • As a finisher, give it your all.
  • 10 Min Stretching

  • 10 Min Turkish Bath or Sauna

Day 2 - Boxing Training

Speed Work

Moderate Intensity (RPE 5-6)
  • 5 min Jump Rope

    • Light and easy, with a focus on building endurance and improving ankle reflexes.
  • 5 Rounds Footwork Speed Workout

    • Allow 10s rest between exercises and 30s rest between rounds for optimal performance.
  • 10 Rounds of 120s Freestyle Bagwork with 30s Rest

    • Focus on maintaining distance, seamless in-and-out movements, and lateral shifts to emphasize footwork-specific training.
  • 5 Rounds 30x30x30x30 Bag Work

    • 30s for technique work
    • 30s for speed work
    • 30s for power work
    • 30s rest / For enhanced development, practice nasal breathing exclusively during the rest intervals.
  • 10 Min Stretching

  • Cold water immersion for 2-5 minutes

Day 2 - Core Training Day

Cardio & Core

low Intensity (RPE 3)
  • 8 Rounds

    • 250m rowing or 500m Bycicle
    • Core Movements / For each rounds
      1. 60s Plank / Anti-Extension
      2. 20x Palof Press Right side / Anti-Rotatiom
      3. 60x Russian Twist / Rotatiom
      4. 20x Palof Press Left side / Anti-Rotatiom
      5. 20x Straight Sit-ups / Hip Flexion with Neutral Spine
      6. 60s Side Plank Right Side / Anti-Lateral Flexion
      7. 60x Russian Twist / Rotatiom
      8. 60s Side Plank Left Side / Anti-Lateral Flexion
  • 10-20 min Yoga Workout

  • 3 Rounds of 1-minute cold water immersion - 4-minute hot water immersion / Contrast baths

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