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2024-01-03 Adrian "Nano" Alvarez

Nano Box Prime - Week 1 - Day 1/3

A sneak peek at my new strength and conditioning program for boxers! tailored for beginners or anyone who wants to add a little boxing to their workout

General Knowledge

Welcome to an exclusive sneak peek into my upcoming strength and conditioning program, meticulously crafted for boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike! Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to infuse boxing into your routine, this program is designed with you in mind.

Weekly Workout Schema

  • 6 Days Training (3 High Int - 2 Moderate Int - 1 Low Int)
  • 2-3 Sessions of Strength & Conditioning Training (Condensed Conjugated Method)
  • 2-3 Sessions of Boxing Training (You can use your current boxing workout if you like)
  • 1 Session of Cardio/Active Recovery

Introduction to Condensed Conjugated Method

The Condensed Conjugate Method, introduced by renowned powerlifting coach Josh Bryant, seamlessly integrates components from both the Conjugate Method and high-frequency training principles. Its primary objective is to maximize strength and power gains by concurrently enhancing diverse physical qualities. Diverging from the conventional Conjugate Method, this approach adopts shorter training cycles, typically spanning 2-4 weeks and occurring 2-3 times a week. This aspect holds particular significance for boxers, as it allows ample space for skill training and conditioning sessions alongside strength development.

Day 1 - Strength & Conditioning Training

Lower Body Dynamic Effort & Upper Body Max Effort

High Intensity (RPE 8)
  • Fighters Dynamic Warm-up

  • Box Jumps 10x40cm 10x50cm 10x60cm / Take your time between jumps (at 100% effort); aim to land with your legs as straight as possible.

  • Speed Deadlift 10x3 60%-70% 1RM 45s Rest / Push the floor with as much force as you can, aiming for a quick and explosive movement within less than a 1-second timeframe.

  • Floor Press 5x3 / For the Max Effort Main Lift, take your time, and build until a 3-repetition maximum (3RM).

  • 3 Rounds 20x Gorilla Rows 10x parallel Dips 60s Rest

  • 3 Rounds 10x Cuban Press 5kg 45s Rest

  • 5 Rounds 10 cals Assault Bike or Rower 50m Farmers Walk 24kg Kettlebell

  • 10 Min Stretching

Day 2 - Boxing Training

Fundamentals & Combination Work

Moderate Intensity (RPE 5-6)
  • 5 Rounds 90s Jump-Rope - 90s Shadow Box / Focus on your movement, let it flow naturally—emphasize long punches, rotation, and deliberate steps

  • 5 Rounds 60s Combos on the heavy bag 15s Rest

  1. 112
  2. 123
  3. 1252
  4. 1232
  5. 11252
  • 10 Rounds 90s Freestyle Bagwork 30s Rest

  • 3 Rounds Grip Workouts

  • 10 Min Stretching

  • Cold water immersion for 2-5 minutes

Day 2 - Active Recovery Day

Cardio & Mobility

low Intensity (RPE 3)
  • 45 Min Easy Jog / At around 50% - 60% intensity, consider incorporating a trail run or engaging in a low-intensity sport.

  • 25 Min Mobility/Stretching

  • 3 Rounds of 1-minute cold water immersion - 4-minute hot water immersion / Contrast baths

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